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Cherry Topped Cheesecake


Cream cheese product (pasteurized milk, cream, cheese culture, salt, carob bean gum, guar gum, xanthan gum), water, sugar/glucose-fructose, liquid whole egg, cherries, graham crumb (enriched wheat flour, sugar/glucose-fructose, soybean and palm oil, graham flour, sodium bicarbonate, salt, molasses, honey, cinnamon), enriched wheat flour, palm oil shortening, modified milk ingredients, modified corn starch, natural and artificial flavours, salt, citric acid, xanthan gum, carrageenan, propylene glycol alginate, carob bean gum, baking powder, colour, soya lecithin. May contain tree nuts.

cherry topped cheesecake

UPC CODE: 5574250633

Nutritional Information
Per 102 g ( 1/5 cake)
Amount % Daily Value
Calories 260
Fat 9 g14%
Saturates 5.0 g
Trans 0.3 g
Saturated + Trans 5.3 g27%
Cholesterol 35 mg12%
Sodium 190 mg8%
Carbohydrates 39 g13%
Fibre 2 g8%
Sugars 26 g
Protein 5 g
Vitamin A 64.26 RE6%
Vitamin C 0.00 mg
Calcium 47.23 mg4%
Iron 0.47 mg4%
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Preparation instruction

Other: Defrosting Instructions Remove cake from box and defrost in refrigerator for 3 to 4 hours. Remove wrap and slice with a knife moistened in warm water. Refrigerate unused portions immediately.