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Compliments Love it. Or it’s free*.

We’re confident you’ll love Compliments. So confident that every product is backed by our 100% guarantee*. That means, when you try the Take-Home Taste Test, the only thing you wager is finding a new favourite product (and that doesn’t sound so bad).

So how does the test work? It’s simple really – just buy a Compliments product and try it at home. Next, see if it stands up in taste and value to your go-to products. If it does, great! Please enjoy the new delicious addition to your weekly shopping list. If it doesn’t pass your test, no problem – we really meant it when we said “Love it. Or it’s free.” – just bring the product back to the store with proof of purchase for a full refund*.

Our current favourites

A great snack or lunch side for busy days. Made with potato, tomato, and spinach powders and seasoned with sea salt, these potato and vegetable snacks are certified gluten-free and free of artificial colours or flavours.

Our refreshing, zero calorie Compliments Sparkling Waters are made with natural flavours. Enjoy chilled in a tall glass, or with slices of your favourite fresh fruit.

Made with no artificial flavours or colours, Compliments hummus varieties are thick and creamy, and ideal for use as dips, spreads, dressings, or sauces. Find 10 ways to use your dips here.

Low in saturated fat, this smooth spread is perfect for all your favourite uses and beyond. (Tip: Try mixing a spoonful into hot chocolate!)

Crisp, crunchy and irresistible, our Compliments Chicken Strips and Compliments Chicken Nuggets are delicious as-is, but you can also use them in a variety of ways! Whether you sauce them pub-style, turn them into a quick chicken parmesan, or include them on a kid-friendly charcuterie board, you’re going to love them.