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Do-it-yourself mocktails

Move over Manhattan. Compliments naturally flavoured, zero-calorie fizzy waters, and juices mean alcohol-free cocktails are as complex and delicious as the classics.


Make glassware count

Mocktail mixing should get as much care as cocktail making. Set out glasses, from tall Collins to Champagne flutes and goblets, add a shiny ice bucket with tongs, and don’t forget skewers and swizzle sticks.


Time to stock up

Choose flavoured sparkling waters and a selection of your favourite beverages. Think juices, lemonade and iced teas to suit different palates, ranging from tart to sweet and fruity.


Get creative!

Shake up cocktail hour with inspired flavour combinations. Start with juice as a base, then top with fizzy water and a pretty and tasty garnish! Customize to your liking. Sugared cranberries, anyone?

Holiday Mocktails

Sparkling Sangria

Reinterpret this Spanish drink by mixing Compliments Frozen Juice Grape Punch with fizzy, citrus-flavoured Compliments Sparkling Water Lemon Lime. Go big with flavour by adding chunks of seasonal fruit, such as pears and apples, or win extra bartending points with a garnish of orange wedges studded with whole cloves!

Holiday Mocktails

Festive Iced Tea

Reinterpret iced tea by giving it a holiday spin. Classic Frozen Juice Lemon Ice Tea is complemented with a hint of peach (Compliments Fizzy Peach Sparkling Water 1 L) in this refreshing mocktail. Garnish with mint leaves, vibrant blackberries or frozen cranberries, and a cinnamon stick as swizzle stick.

Holiday Mocktails

Wintery Citrus Spritz

Trendy and sparkling spritz cocktails are a natural match for citrus fruits. Concoct a winter fizz mocktail by mixing Compliments Ruby Red Grapefruit Juice with Compliments Fizzy Key Lime Sparkling Water. Add a fragrant flourish with an herb sprig garnish – sage, rosemary or mint looks super-festive!