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Tips and tricks

Awesome OJ

Add zest and a hint of sweetness to ribs by misting them with orange juice while they grill: A guaranteed crowd-pleaser!


Tips and tricks

Save your sauce

Don’t waste that last bit of sauce in the jar! Spoon leftovers (tomato or pesto or coconut milk etc.) into a freezer bag, lay flat and freeze. Then, next time you’re cooking, simply break off a piece.


Tips and tricks

Bonus bagels

Reimagine our bagels for mini pizza bases, breakfast sandwiches and savoury French toast-croutons and homemade breadcrumbs, too. Love bagel chips? Easy: just slice and bake.


3 ways with hashbrowns

The breakfast potato everyone loves. Here, three unexpected ways to enjoy them for breakfast, brunch, and beyond.

3 ways with frozen fruit

Make a refreshing smoothie bowl, whip up jumbleberry mocktails and cocktails, and simmer a special sauce for, well,everything.

3 ways with cod nuggets

Pop them into a po'boy, go the fish-taco route, or toss on a zesty Caesar salad. These nuggets are super versatile.

3 ways with buffalo cauliflower bites

Fancy croutons, tasty crostini toppers or added oomph to a traditional iceberg wedge salad: Are you ready for a veggie makeover?

3 ways with naturally simple shrimp

Get inspired with our simple seafood hack. Whip up easy shrimp tapas, give steak a surf-and-turf spin and create kebabs with a tortellini twist.

3 ways with ice cream floats

Retro-inspired but so modern, these three ice cream floats are so fun and flavourful, everyone will enjoy.


Cooking 101

Simple tips on cooking great burgers

We know burgers are one of the favourite foods of summer, so our advice? Prep yourself with our quick tips that will have you grilling like a pro!

Steps to success

  1. Cook fresh or frozen beef patties on greased grill at medium BBQ temperatures between 190 °C to 230 °C  (375 °F to 450 °F). Go to hotter temperatures to develop a little crunchy crust, especially on fresh burgers.
  2. Frozen patties do not need thawing, and should be cooked from frozen. This also helps reduce sticking to grill.
  3. Flip occasionally for even browning. Do not press down on patties during cooking or juices could be squeezed out, resulting in dry burgers.
  4. Move meat to a cooler area of the grill if small flare-ups occur. Don't be tempted to spray with water, as this can spread a grease fire.
  5. All patties should be cooked to an internal temperature of 71 °C  (160 °F). Check with a probe-style digital thermometer.
  6. Let meat rest 2 to 5 min. before serving to retain juices.