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Tips and tricks

Winning game-day snack ideas

Kick off the big day with a table spread full of satisfying snacks. Learn how to create a super game-day snack spread ready in time for kick-off, so you can watch the game, too!

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Tips and tricks

Savoury nut brittle

Make a savoury brittle that your guests will go nuts over by mixing together chopped Compliments Deluxe Mixed Nuts, cheddar cheese, and seasoning with a hint of thyme.

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Tips and tricks

Level up banana bread

Impress friends and family by kicking it up a notch and add chocolate to banana bread mix and garnishing with a sliced banana and coarse sugar.

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3 ways with hot chocolate

Your favourite cold-weather drink gets dressed up! These fun and flavourful twists on classic hot chocolate will keep you smiling all winter long.

5 ways to amp up a grilled cheese sandwich

Amp up your regular grilled cheese recipe with the addition of just one or two ingredients to enjoy a gourmet grilled cheese sandwich, a kid-friendly alternative, or just an unexpected and fun flavour pairing.

3 ways with hashbrown patties

Elevate weekend brunch with three unexpected ways to enjoy toasty and hearty hashbrowns.

3 ways with naturally simple shrimp

Get inspired with our simple seafood hack. Whip up easy shrimp tapas, give steak a surf-and-turf spin and create kebabs with a tortellini twist.

4 ways with deli meats

Looking for some cold cut inspiration? These simple hacks take your go-to deli meats beyond the standard lunchtime sandwich.

3 ways with buffalo cauliflower bites

Fancy croutons, tasty crostini toppers or added oomph to an iceberg wedge salad: Our Buffalo Style Cauliflower Bites, with their signature sauce, work menu magic.

Chicken Breast

Cooking 101

How to cook juicy chicken breasts

Whether you're pan-frying or grilling, here are simple instructions for cooking chicken breasts that will turn out mouthwatering results.

The frying method

  1. Heat oil in a non-stick pan to medium. Place chicken breasts (rounded-side down) into the pan. Cook till meat or skin is golden.
  2. Flip, cook until second side is lightly golden. Cover. Reduce heat to medium-low. Cook until internal temperature of chicken reaches 74° C (165° F).

Cooking 101

How to make perfect burgers

Cooking 101

Grilled cheese sandwiches