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How-to's and hacks

Freshen up your everyday with inspired hacks using tried-and-true favourites, kitchen tips and easy guides on how to cook the classics.

Tips & Tricks

Bonus bagels

Reimagine our bagels for mini pizza bases, breakfast sandwiches and savoury French toast—croutons and homemade breadcrumbs, too. Love bagel chips? Easy: just slice and bake.


3 ways with buffalo cauliflower bites

Fancy croutons, tasty crostini toppers or added oomph to a traditional iceberg wedge salad: Are you ready for a veggie makeover ?

naturally simple shrimp

3 ways with naturally simple shrimp

Get inspired with our simple seafood hack. Whip up easy shrimp tapas, give steak a surf-and-turf spin and create kebabs with a tortellini twist.

frozen fruit

3 ways with frozen fruit

Make a refreshing smoothie bowl, whip up jumbleberry mocktails and cocktails, and simmer a special sauce for, well, everything.


3 ways with chocolate hazelnut spread

Imagine it with waffle cones and ice-cream, sweetening up your French Toast or being the glue for decadent cookie sandwiches. You’re welcome.

cod nuggets

3 ways with cod nuggets

Pop them into a po’boy, go the fish-taco route, or toss on a zesty Caesar salad: These nuggets are super versatile.

corn flakes

3 ways with corn flakes

Make a batch of corn flake s’mores, have fun with crunchy banana pops or give dinner a twist with a tasty salmon topper.


Cooking 101

Make delicious, crispy bacon

Follow our simple steps to success, whether you’re making a weekend breakfast or a classic BLT.


  1. When using the frying method: Lay bacon in a single layer in a large non-stick pan frypan; cut slices in half as needed.
  2. Start with a cold pan. Use medium heat or lower for a gentle sizzle. Don’t rush! Press with spatula frequently to cook fat evenly.
  3. Flip when browned on bottom. Cook, press, flip to desired crispness.
  4. For oven method: Preheat oven to 190°C (375°F). Line a large rimmed baking sheet with parchment. Arrange bacon in a single layer; slightly overlapping is fine.
  5. Place on middle rack. Slices at sheet ends crisp first (it’s not strictly necessary to flip bacon). Remove outer slices; cook remaining slices a minute or two longer.