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5 ReasonsToTry-Peppermint And Dark Chocolate Covered Almonds
5 ReasonsToTry-Peppermint And Dark Chocolate Covered Almond

Reasons to try Peppermint & Dark Chocolate Covered Almonds

Your new go-to snack for holiday movie marathons is here! Enjoy the combination of smooth yogurt flavour, dark chocolate, and cool peppermint this festive season.

We doubled down on flavour by coating the almonds twice, in both smooth dark chocolate and creamy yogurt-flavoured coating!

They’re made in a peanut-free facility with no artificial colours or flavours.

They make for great stocking stuffers for friends and family (or yourself).

They satisfy your craving for crunch with toasted almonds topped with cool peppermint candy cane chunks.

They’re only here for the holidays!

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