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Our Story

Since our humble beginnings, we’ve been serving up amazing quality without compromise to Canadian families. Back then, we were called Our Compliments.

Over the years we grew, and our relationship with our customers in communities from coast-to-coast grew right along with us. In 1993, we joined the Sobeys Family, and thanks to them we’re now proud to have our products in over 1500 stores in 10 provinces.

In 2004, we came to be known simply as Compliments. And in 2019, we updated our design to be fresher and brighter to better reflect our customers’ outlook on life. But our down-to-earth mission has stayed the same since the beginning: offer all Canadians great quality products at the fair prices that everyone deserves.

Whatever your everyday brings, we have you covered. From fresh produce and chicken, frozen treats and pantry staples, to household essentials, baby items, pet supplies, over-the-counter medications, and beauty products, we’ve got just what you and your family need.

Because we all deserve quality without compromise. We all deserve real value on things that make our lives better. We all deserve a brand that helps us make every day a little tastier, easier, and more inspiring. We all deserve Compliments.