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Do the dip! 3 must-try French fry dips

Ketchup will always be our number one, but these french fry dippers are a delight. From spicy and sweet to a savoury ranch and dill combo, there’s something for everyone.

Extra spicy sweet potato fries

For those who like to turn up the heat. Take your fries to the next level by coating baked Sweet Potato Fries in Habanero Chipotle Rub. In a small serving bowl, mix Jalapeno and Hatch Pepper Hot Sauce with 2 - 3 spoonfuls of mayo, and start dipping! Pair with a refreshing drink like our range of Compliments Flavoured Sparkling Waters.

Mexican-inspired fries with salsa verde

Transform ordinary fries into a delicious treat with our Salsa Verde and Roasted Hatch Chili Dips! Simply bake Steak Cut Fries according to package instructions, and garnish with a squeeze of fresh lime juice and thinly sliced green onion. For the dip: mix equal parts Salsa Verde, Roasted Hatch Chili, and sour cream for a flavour-packed sauce to delight all taste buds.

Ranch-inspired onion rings with burger sauce

Compliments Steak-Cut Onion Rings get a glow-up with this ranch-inspired herb garnish and Compliments Burger Sauce. To make: Sprinkle crispy baked onion rings with finely chopped fresh herbs like chives, parsley, and dill. Serve with our savoury Burger Sauce. Dunk on repeat until your plate is empty.