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Summer sippers, made with flavoured sparkling water

Five ways to make your summer really sparkle with these refreshing zero-proof drinks.


1. Spicy Grapefruit Ginger Sparkler

Compliments Grapefruit Flavoured Sparkling Water + Compliments Grapefruit Juice + Ginger Beer + sliced jalapeño + lemon or lime juice = summer’s sweet, tart, and spicy answer to winter’s ginger-lemon tea.


2. Pineapple Colada

Compliments Pineapple Sparkling Water + Compliments Pineapple Juice + coconut water + coconut milk + lime juice + ice + 30 seconds in the blender = a frothy kid-friendly version of everyone’s favourite tropical cocktail.


3. Peachy Sunrise Mocktail

Compliments Lemon Sparkling Water + Compliments Peach Juice + grenadine = a quintessential complement to summer brunch served outside.


4. Sunrise Mocktail

Compliments Orange Sparkling Water + Compliments Orange Juice + grenadine + maraschino cherry and sliced orange garnish = sweet sunshine in a cup!


5. Tropical Sparkler

Compliments Pineapple Flavoured Sparkling Water + Compliments Peach & Passionfruit with Coconut Water + fresh ginger and orange slices for garnish = the perfect punch for picnics in the park, poolside, or at the beach!