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10 fresh and flavourful new uses for your favourite dips

Breakfast burrito maker, avocado toast transformer, grilled-meat game-changer: Be prepared to revolutionize your family’s favourite foods with these simple, unexpected uses for dips.


Dip as a genius, nutritious hack

Take your Buddha Bowl to the next level by thinning your favourite Compliments Naturally Simple Hummus (we love the Spicy Thai-Style Coconut Curry Hummus) with a splash of water or lemon juice and drizzling it over ingredients like cooked brown rice or rice noodles, cubed tofu or drained beans, chopped tomatoes, cooked broccoli, roasted squash, sliced avocado, and toasted sesame seeds.


Dip as a flavour booster for burgers

Bring big flavour to your next BBQ by using dips as condiments. Our top combos? Compliments Angus Beef Burgers with our Artichoke & Asiago Dip; our Mediterranean Stuffed Chicken Burgers with Baba Ghanouj Roasted Eggplant Dip; and our Plant-based Meatless Soy Burger with our Naturally Simple Spicy Hummus.


Dip as quick DIY for breakfast burritos

Refried beans, guacamole, two salsas, sour cream, and shredded cheese: With our Compliments 6-Layer Dip, all you need is egg and a pita to make the perfect breakfast burrito.


Dip to give your avocado toast a twist


Dip as a pizza partner

You’ll never leave another pizza crust uneaten when you dip it in our Compliments Artichoke & Asiago Dip, Spinach Dip, or Roasted Red Pepper Dip. Feel free to improvise with your favourite pizza, of course!

10 ways to use your dips
10 ways to use your dips

Dips as a side to chili

Use our Naturally Simple Tzatziki Cucumber Yogurt Dip as a flavourful sour cream substitute to cool off spicy chili or hot nachos.


Dips for grilled potato perfection

Instantly jazz up your grilled potatoes or vegetables with a drizzle of Compliments Roasted Red Pepper Dip that’s been loosened up with a splash of water, lemon juice, or olive oil.


Dips as taco toppers

Try something different on taco Tuesday. Give battered-fish tacos a dollop of Compliments Roasted Red Pepper Dip, coleslaw, and diced avocado; boost beef tacos with our Naturally Simple Roasted Garlic Bruschetta Topping and crumbled feta; or top chicken tacos with a scoop of Compliments 6 Layer Dip, a squeeze of lime, and shredded lettuce.


Dips for the grill

Give your grilled meats and fish an extra hit of flavour with a schmear of dip. Experiment with your perfect pairings, but great starting points include: grilled chicken paired with a Middle Eastern inspired dip like Compliments Shawarma Spice Topped Hummus, grilled fish with a side of Thai-flavoured dip (try Naturally Simple Spicy Thai-Style Coconut Curry Hummus), or grilled lamb with a Greek-cuisine inspired match like Naturally Simple Tzatziki Cucumber Yogurt Dip.


Dips as pre-dinner app or snack

Instead of dipping pita pieces into dips, spread your favourite dip on a grilled pita and top it with fresh cucumbers, diced tomato, chickpeas, mint, and cilantro. It’s equal parts refreshing and satisfying! Compliments Caramelized Onion Topped Hummus or Naturally Simple Roasted Red Pepper Hummus are ideal for this!

Pre Dinner Snacks
Pre Dinner Snacks