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Peanut Butter Ice Cream with Unsweetened Belgian Chocolate


Cream, milk, sugar, peanuts, skim milk powder, frozen egg yolk, Belgian unsweetened chocolate, peanut oil, salt, soya lecithin, vanilla extract.

peanut butter ice cream with unsweetened belgian chocolate

UPC CODE: 62368211292

Nutritional Information
Per 125 mL ( 1/2 cup)
Amount % Daily Value
Calories 270
Fat 17 g26%
Saturates 9 g
Trans 0.4 g
Sat+Trans 9.4 g47%
Cholesterol 70 mg23%
Sodium 70 mg3%
Carbohydrate 22 g7%
Fibre 1 g4%
Sugars 18 g
Protein 6 g
Vitamin A 150.08 RE15%
Vitamin C 0.00 mg
Calcium 111.62 mg10%
Iron 1.78 mg15%