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Festive holiday appetizers

With a few wheels of fan favourite, Compliments Double Cream Brie, and these brie ideas on hand, you’ll always have appetizers that can be ready in a flash!

Brie and pear bites

Keep it simple and let your ingredients shine! Serve sliced brie topped with sliced pear (or tart apple) on lightly toasted crostini or Compliments Naturally Simple Crisp Crackers. Tip: For a salty-sweet bundle, wrap the whole thing in a half slice of prosciutto.

Individual brie fondue pots

Perfect for mingling at holiday parties, these personal fondues are quick and easy to make and oh-so fun to eat! After removing the rind from the cheese, cut the brie into small cubes. In a small pot, mix the brie with a splash of wine or beer and cook over medium heat, stirring occasionally, until melted. Fill warmed mini ramekins (or teacups!) with the cheese mixture and serve with each for dipping: bread sticks, Granny Smith apple slices, baguette slices, or pretzels. Serve immediately with extra dippers on hand to get the most out of that melted cheese marvel!

Baked brie with honey, herbs, and nuts

Dress up brie with a kiss of honey, a touch of herb flavouring, and the crunch of chopped mixed nuts. Here’s how. Bake a whole wheel of Compliments Double Cream Brie in an oven-safe dish until warmed through. Meanwhile, mix chopped sage and thyme leaves into liquid honey; when the brie is baked, drizzle generously over top. Top with chopped Compliments Mixed Nuts for added crunch and decoration. Serve with a selection of crackers and sliced bread.