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Sweet holiday treats

Everyone deserves to indulge in a little nostalgia. Treat yourselves to a minty mocktail, a spectacular hot chocolate, and a simple cream pie.

Hot Chocolate Cotton Candy Bombs

On dry work surface, gently pull about ¾ cup Compliments Hot Chocolate Flavour or Candy Cane Flavour Cotton Candy into slight bowl shape. Fill with 2 tbsp Compliments Dark Chocolate Chips and a few Compliments Mini Marshmallows. Gently fold to enclose and form into ball, patching holes with more cotton candy as needed. To serve: Drop into very hot milk or unsweetened plant-based beverage. Stir until chocolate melts.

Easy Chocolate Cream Pie with Cotton Candy Cloud

Bake 1 Compliments Deep Dish Pie Shell according to package directions; set aside to cool completely. In large bowl, melt ¾ cup Compliments Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips with ½ cup 35% M.F. Whipping Cream; set aside to cool completely. Stir in ½ cup Compliments Whipped Topping, then gently fold in 1 cup whipped topping to create mousse-like texture. Scrape filling into cooled piecrust. Refrigerate until slightly firm, about 2 hr. Just before serving, top with cloud of Compliments Candy Cane Flavour or Hot Chocolate Flavour Cotton Candy. Slice and serve.

Peppermint Faux-jito

In a pitcher, combine 1 cup packed mint leaves, 2 tbsp fresh lime juice and 1 tbsp granulated sugar. Using a muddler or the back of a wooden spoon, lightly mash until sugar is dissolved. Stir in 2 cold 355 mL cans Compliments Lime Flavour Sparkling Water and ice. Pour into cocktail or lowball glasses. Skewer generous fluff of Compliments Candy Cane Flavour Cotton Candy on decorative stir sticks. Stir cotton candy into beverage before drinking. Tip: Due to the quick-dissolving nature of cotton candy, it's best to add just before serving.