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3 Ways with corn flakes

Crush or dip this most classic of cereals to add a crunchy bite to dinners and desserts.


S'mores squares

Swap out the puffed rice for corn flakes in a classic marshmallow square. Mix melted butter and marshmallows with corn flakes and press into a deep pan. Chill, cut into squares and drizzle with melted chocolate for a fun twist on the classic campfire treat.


The ultimate crunchy topper

Crush Compliments Corn Flakes and use them to make a crispy crust or topping for everything from macaroni and cheese to pan-fried fish or homemade pork schnitzel.


Crispy banana pops

Poke skewers into ripe banana halves, dip into melted chocolate and coat with corn flakes. Chill or freeze and serve.


Corn Flakes


Crispy Rice


Frosted Corn Flakes