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4 ways with deli meats

Looking for some cold cut inspiration? These simple hacks take your go-to deli meats beyond the standard lunchtime sandwich.


Make a breakfast muffin to power you through the start of any day. Into a greased muffin tin, add: diced deli turkey meat, shredded cheddar, and frozen chopped broccoli. Fill cups with beaten eggs, and bake at 375°F until set and golden, about 20 minutes. Serve on an English muffin, or enjoy all on its own. Love them? Create different flavour combinations with other ingredients, and bake a whole muffin tray at once; let them cool and then freeze to enjoy as easy breakfasts all week long!

Grilled cheese, fully loaded

Give your everyday grilled cheese the gourmet treatment with inventive combos of cheese, deli meat, fruit, veg, and condiment, and enjoy a whole new taste experience. Our faves? Go Italian-style with Compliments Sliced Salami paired with provolone, sliced tomatoes, and basil. Or channel a Parisian café with a French-inspired grilled sandwich of Compliments Extra Lean Honey Ham layered with Brie and sliced pear. C’est magnifique!

Kabobs calling

Three food groups in one tasty skewer make for effortless snacks or lunch, served the fun way to please the pickiest of eaters. It’s simple! Alternate bite-size pieces of kid-friendly ingredients. Think folds of turkey or ham with cubes of marble or cheddar layered with pieces of melon, apple or grapes, and more!

Pizza wraps

Bite into this easy, cheesy spin on pizza that’s ready in a few simple steps. Cover a large tortilla with sliced salami. Drizzle with pizza sauce, and add toppings like sliced mushrooms and peppers. Near one edge of the tortilla, place Compliments Pizza Mozzarella Stringable Cheese and roll burrito-style, tucking the ends neatly. Brush with olive oil and grill it on a heated panini press until the outside is golden and the cheese is gooey. For a Hawaiian-style pizza spin, make one with pineapple and ham!