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10 school lunch ideas

For the picky eater, the grazer and the anti-sandwich kid: These bento box lunches aim to please. Plus, many can be prepped ahead of time to help make back-to-school a breeze!

For Veggie Lovers

Lunch dips into the Mediterranean with fresh Greek-inspired flavour. Pick and dip, or assemble into vegetarian pitas with cubes of feta, fresh cucumber and tomatoes, crispy chickpeas, and a cool, creamy tzatziki.

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For Sandwich Lovers

It’s a build-your-own adventure with this Italian American inspired lunchbox! Construct your sandwich on toasted bread with a three-meat combo of salami, smoked meat and bologna, paired with fresh romaine and a zesty dressing.

For salad lovers

Looking for a way to add some extra veggies into your daily menu? Do it with a hearty deconstructed cobb salad for lunch. With sliced chicken breast, eggs, and bacon, it’s a flavourful and filling salad. This salad helps keep hungry bellies satisfied and full through the afternoon hump at the office or school.

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For breakfast lovers

Savoury meets sweet in a chicken and waffles dish that features rich maple syrup, mixed berries, and scrumptious breaded chicken nuggets. This dish isn’t your average slice bread sandwich, it’s warmed comfort food for a midday break from school or work.

For picky eaters

If the kids are firmly anti-sandwich or they simply like to snack, let them graze! Think naan dippers and hummus, little rollups of deli meats, cheese twists, fruits and veggies. Tip: Try making these irresistible skewers of deli meats, cheese and fruit!

For nacho fans

This dish mixes their favourite pub-inspired menu choices – multigrain chips, salsa, guac and chicken fingers – with healthy-minded additions, of course! It’s a slam dunk. Pack the dips in individual containers for the best bento experience that can be packed ahead of time.

For aspiring vegetarians

Veggie-loving kids will put in requests for this plant-based take on the classic sub sandwich, which aims to please with plant-based meatballs, hummus, lettuce, and sliced tomatoes! Pack this up and send sides of fresh-cut veggies, Veggie Snax, and “bugs on a log” – a fun spin on celery sticks with cream cheese and dried cranberries.

For quesadilla lovers

Tacos, nachos, fajitas: If your kids can’t get enough of these Tex-Mex-style staples, say hello to the deconstructed quesadilla: a bento box decked out with a classic tortilla plus assorted cheese, meat and dips. The beauty of the bento: Pack this ahead of time and everything stays separate and fresh until the lunch bell rings.

For dumpling dunkers

Did you know that Compliments potstickers are tasty served hot or at room temperature? Hot or not, you might want to add teriyaki dipping sauce, before rounding out this bento with blanched broccoli, rice crackers and a side of citrus. Tip: Leftover steamed or fried rice also makes a great addition to this lunch!

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For sushi stars

This lunch is as fun to look at as to eat. Spread cream cheese on flattened slices of bread, layer on smoked salmon and roll like a jelly roll, then slice into wheels. You can also add thinly sliced cucumber and avocado to create California-roll-style sushi, too, or feel free to serve the veg on the side. Prepared edamame also makes a great green addition to this bento!
Tip: If your kids aren’t fish fans, try substituting thinly sliced cooked chicken breast or tofu for the salmon.