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5 ways to amp up a grilled cheese sandwich

Nothing says cozy comfort like a toasty grilled cheese sandwich during the cold winter months. Curling up with a buttery and ooey-gooey cheesy sandwich accompanied by hot soup? Nothing better! With just a few additions, a grilled cheese sandwich can have a whole new personality, from gourmet to crisp, tangy, sharp or even spicy.


1. Sweet ’n’ savoury grilled cheese with mozzarella and chutney

Take your grilled cheese up a notch by combining Compliments Mozzarella with Compliments Old Cheddar and topping it off with a sweet and tangy chutney or jam. This combo provides a prime cheese-pull opportunity that’s complemented by the sweet punch of chutney.


2. Pizza-inspired grilled cheese

If the family is craving pizza for lunch, offer up this pizza grilled cheese. Simply add sliced pepperoni to a mozzarella grilled cheese and grill as usual. Tip: Take it one step further by spreading a thin layer of Compliments Tomato & Basil sauce on the bread before adding the cheese and pepperoni.


3. Pickled grilled cheese sandwich

Compliments Swiss Cheese and briny, crunchy pickles make a tangy gourmet-style grilled cheese! Tip: Add a few slices of deli ham with Dijon mustard for a Cubano-style sandwich.


4. Grilled cheese with chunky salsa

Grilled cheese with a chunky salsa is almost like a sandwich take on your go-to pub-fave nachos. Simply layer cheddar, Compliments Monterey Jack and mozzarella onto your sandwich, then spread on a coat of Compliments Organic Salsa spiced to your liking before grilling. Tip: To avoid a soggy sandwich, use a fork to scoop and drain the salsa before spreading over the cheese toast.


5. Cheesy corn grilled cheese

For a gourmet grilled cheese inspired by the flavours of a Korean corn dog, build your sandwich with mozzarella, Compliments Medium White Cheddar, drained canned corn, and parsley. Tip: Add some flavourful heat with Compliments Sliced Jalapeño Peppers.


Instead of butter, opt to spread mayo on bread slices for anextra golden-crisp grilled cheese sandwich.