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Winning game-day snack ideas

Kick off the big game day with a table spread full of satisfying snacks. Learn how to create a super game-day snack spread ready in time for kick-off, so you can watch the game, too! Find a shopping list below with the products you’ll need.

Salty snacks

Salty snacks are a game-day staple and necessary for any gathering. Stock your cupboards with nibbles like pretzels, popcorn, and mixed nuts for guests to easily grab-and-go or munch on while they mingle. Tip: Serve in one bowl together for variety in every handful!

Sweet treats​

After snacking on something salty, offer your guests a sweet treat. Ice cream bars and sandwiches are great portable and low-mess alternatives that don’t require extra dishware. If you're looking to offer ice cream floats, or even a DIY sundae bar, for an easy entertaining hack, try pre-scooping the ice cream and keeping it ready to go in the freezer. Tip: Serve bars when savoury snacking is winding down; put a bowl of ice underneath to keep things cool if you want to set out a selection for guests to choose from.

Chips and dips​

As if you could have a game-day gathering without a classic like this! Opt to pick up Value Size bags of your favourite chips to ensure that you have enough for everyone and can keep the snack bowls flowing. While potato chips are tasty on their own, you can also pair with a cheese or spinach dip to take your snack table to the top. And don’t forget to pick up tortilla chips, guac and salsa for a large nacho platter!

Plant-based add-ons

If you’re set to have vegetarians or veggie-focused friends joining the game-day party, you’ll want to be sure to have plenty of plant-based snack alternatives on hand. Offer up plant-based dips with chips, cut vegetables like carrots or bell peppers, or warm options like meatless meatballs and plant-based chickenless strips. For a simple entertaining idea, toss Meatless Italian-style Plant Based Meatballs in sauce and skewer for easy eating.

Kick-off snacks​

Pass the potato skins! Including heartier heat-and-go appetizers on your game-day snack spread will keep your guests’ stomachs full and appetites at bay if the game goes into overtime. Be sure to accompany your apps with the perfect sauce or dressing to really take the spread up a notch.