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Summer snacking 101

Our plan for the best-ever summer? Park picnics, lounging poolside, road trips, camping retreats, repeat. The only thing missing from our summer bucket list are the snacks suited to each activity. Here’s our shopping list.

Summer bucket-list item: road trips

Long days on the open road call for a mix of salty and sweet: Foods that go well with a good mood, great chats, and hearty laughs; snacks to stave off hunger when the next stop is a few hours away; and don’t forget thirst-quenching sips between singalongs.

Summer bucket-list item: lounging poolside

Bright sun and blue skies with nary a cloud in sight? This calls for a day spent by the pool. Packing for this one is easy: a cooler full of all the iced treats we can carry! Think refreshing ice pops in your favourite juicy flavours, and silky-smooth ice cream sandwiched between chewy chocolate cookie layers. We’ll have it all!

Summer bucket-list item: camping trips

Whether you’re going camping for a night or a week, you need to pack light and consider what can be cooked over an open flame. We like to keep it classic with smoky hot dogs, which are an eternal family favourite. And, of course, a camping trip wouldn’t be complete without rich, gooey, chocolatey s’mores to accompany campfire ghost stories.

Summer bucket-list item: park picnics

Break out that gingham blanket and wicker basket because park picnics are a summer must! Pack hearty snacks to graze on between games of Frisbee and catch (we like the idea of soft, chewy dippers in rich creamy dips), refreshments to keep your thirst quenched (sparkling always does the trick), and crunchy, salty treats to munch on as you chat (when it comes to picnic chips, always go for the biggest bag possible). All that’s left to do? Laugh, people-watch, play, and let the day turn to night.