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Everyone has a movie snack personality. What’s yours?

There’s something extra special about warm summer evenings spent under a starry sky at your own outdoor home cinema. Even better? A selection of snacks to match your mood and movie genre. So gather your family and friends, break out the projector, blankets, and pillows, pick a flick, and choose munchies to match the mood. Here are our five-star recos for go-to snacks to match your fave movie genre!

The mood: Bring me the heat!

Your go-to movie genre: Romance and romcoms, of course!

The mood: I want maximum flavour, crunch, and satisfaction!

Your go-to movie genre: Sounds like you need to see a blockbuster!

The mood: I’m feeling a little nutty.

Your go-to movie genre: A quirky indie film should match your mood.

The mood: I’m a traditionalist—it’s popcorn or bust.

Your go-to movie genre: There’s comfort in a family-friendly flick.

The mood: I like to mix it up—surprise me!

Your go-to movie genre: An action flick or a thriller suits your adventurous spirit.

The snacks to match :

Take Compliments Mega Candy Bags and mix them with your favourite Compliments popcorn and potato chips. Mix it into one big bowl and enjoy a snacking bonanza for a happy surprise with every bite!